Finnish Directors

Because we also speak fluent Finnish, most of our productions are directed by Finnish directors.

We will always find the right director for every production. And this means that a variety of Finnish directors are available to make your production as good as it can be.

Talented fellows we have been recently working with include:

Markus Virpiö, Pekka Hara, Dome Karukoski, Anssi Määttä, Petri Kotwica, Zaida Bergroth, Jappe Päivinen, Klaus Härö, Matti Kihlström, Sam Shingler, Petteri Summanen and Osmo Walden.


Slapshot of the Century

Director: Jappe
Kodin 1

Kodin 1 Inspiration

Director: Pekka Hara

Four Seasons' Project

Director: Pekka Hara

Arctic Malt

Director: Jappe

Love Your Forest

Director: Jappe

25 yrs Noteboard

Director: Tuomas Salminen